Deb Aoki



Unlock the power of drawing

for your team with drawing workshops

for UX designers, project managers, technology professionals and more

Simple Sketching for Innovation and Communication

You don't have to be an "artist" to learn how to use simple sketching to make your whiteboard sessions more productive. Deb has taught technical and sales teams at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Juniper Networks, Nutanix and Apple how to use simple drawings to make presentations, customer feedback sessions, and brainstorming more collaborative and engaging.


Your workshop can be customized for your team's needs and interests!

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Simple Sketching Workshops for Your Team

Simple Sketching for User Experience Design

For user experience designers, researchers, and product managers, the Simple Sketching for UX class teaches the basics of using simple, commonly-used symbols to draw customer journey maps, personas, sketchnotes and even storyboards.


Participants can also learn how to use drawing to make their workshops, design sprints, product pitches, and team meetings more collaborative, visual, and engaging. Deb explains how to bring together drawing and facilitation to create an atmosphere of creativity and customer-centricity.



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