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Deb Aoki is... a visual storyteller

Deb combines writing, drawing, and design to help drive transformational end-to-end customer experiences.

She has used simple sketching to create storyboards, journey maps, personas and more for PayPal, Sony Creative Center, eBay, Citrix Systems, and Microsoft.

Deb has taught workshops on design thinking and simple sketching for UX in Japan, India, and at various companies and schools in N. America, including MIT Integrated Design Management (iDM) and Stanford University's Continuing Studies Program. 

She's also a graphic recorder / workshop scribe who has drawn at corporate events for HPE, Google, Accenture, and Adobe. 


Deb Aoki is... a semi-professional comics nerd

Deb is also a semi-professional nerd who writes about manga (Japanese comics) for She helped launch the's Manga website, and managed/wrote/edited content for this site for 6 years. She currently contributes articles to Publishers Weekly and Anime News Network.

Her comic strip, Bento Box is currently on hiatus, but may return in some form or another someday.

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